1. Has the Destiny hype died down yet? No? Okay, I’ll try Tumblr again in a few more days.

  2. Sitting eagerly, waiting for Halo: Reach to download. NOSTALGIA AHOY!

  3. It’s hard being a male gamer! Nobody seems to want to play games with somebody lacking ovaries! I would say boobs, but i am rocking a sweet pair of tats myself.

  4. So, apparently I am not a ‘Real gamer’ because I have 0 interest in next gen or Destiny… Let’s take some time to elaborate on this.

    Firstly, I have 0 interest in next gen because my Ps3 and Xbox 360 are perfectly functional with an extensive game library and literally hundreds of games out there I have yet to play and love… Oh what’s that? Xbox one and Ps4 are not backwards compatible? And have very few, over priced and shit looking games; most of which are out for the previous gen? Do us a favor.

    Also, I have no intent to buy Destiny because I have no interest in MMO games on consoles… Defiance tried it; Defiance failed miserably… Just as Destiny will.
    Besides, there’s so many better MMO games on PC with twice the charm.

    Finally, I am a 21 year old student living on my own… eating > next gen.

    So in conclusion… Shut-up and fuck off you insufferable cum sprout.

  5. I’ve been a bad boy, please just punish me stealth games!

    Seriously, when did these games go so soft? Back in the good old days of Spliter Cell: double agent, the game would shove a mission failed so far up your arse you’d be shitting letters for weeks.

    But now, in the age of grown up games for kids, as long as they don’t see you, you’re just dandy! I’ve been playing SniperElite 3 lately and you can literally miss a head shot and shoot the guy in the fucking shoulder… and he still wont be alerted. And that’s on the top difficulty! 

  6. To me PewDiePie is a lot like The Simpsons… Yes, he has a huge amount of fans… Yes, he will likely be around for long time… And yes people damn all other YouTubers because of him.

    Yes, PewDiePie is exactly like The Simpsons… Yes, he’s running out of ideas and getting very boring… Yes, he’s like YouTube’s lowers form of comedy and wit… Yes, he is shoving his fingers in his ears and ignoring any form of criticism… And yes, he stopped appealing to adults and only really appeals to children.

  7. It’s very disheartening that it’s rare to find a game that has a necessary eating/drinking and sleeping mechanic, that wee saw in Fallout: New Vegas (Hardcore mode).

    The game I wish had it most of all is Skyrim (I am well aware PC version has mods for it). Honestly, why let us cook if food isn’t even a viable healing item!?

  8. Today’s check list:
    Wake up around mid-day [x]
    Raid the fridge and eat all I can carry [x]
    Pay Xbox/PlayStation/PC [x]
    Moan I have nothing to play/Nobody to play wit’ [ ]
    Play more video games [ ]
    Go to bed around 4 am [ ]

  9. So, Alan Wake was a Good/Average/Shit game (delete where appropriate) that is a perfect example of a game that should be left where it ended!

    Yes, I agree some of the greatest games to-date have been squeals (i.e Silent Hill 2)… But where the hell are you going to go with Alan Wake?

  10. Dear, Video Games

    Please allow me to have more guns than limbs; like back in the good old days… Please? Pretty please?


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